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What’s the Healthcare Rights Resource Hub?

The Hub is a collection of articles, links, and documents written by experts on access to health coverage and care in Rhode Island.  It contains (or will contain) information about all major health coverage programs in the State, including HealthSource RI (HSRI), Medicaid (both MAGI and non-MAGI), Medicare, commercial coverage, and options for the uninsured.

The Hub strives to provide reliable, high-quality, and timely materials.

Who Can Use the Hub?

The Hub is designed as a tool for professionals who help Rhode Islanders access health coverage or care.  So that could be Navigators, social workers, enrollers, brokers, financial counselors, advocates, or anyone else who works directly with clients navigating the healthcare system.

Though anyone is free to use it, the Hub is not designed for consumers.

How Do I Find Information?

The easiest way to search the site is by using the “Search” bar at the top.  Users can also browse by clicking on any category to see the full list of articles about that subject.

Who Writes the Material?  How Do I Know I Can Trust It?

The Hub is created and maintained by the RI Center for Healthcare Rights, with support from RI Legal Services, RI Disability Law Center, United Way, Economic Progress Institute, and RI Health Center Association.  Together, these organizations have decades of experience helping Rhode Islanders access health coverage and care.

For more information on the RI Center for Healthcare Rights and its leadership, see healthcarerightsri.org/about-us/

What if I Still Need Help?

If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, call RIREACH at 855-747-3224.  RIREACH answers live during business hours, and an attorney from the Center works closely on all cases that require legal input.

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