Ombudsman Training – Intro & Enrollment (9/2016)


The RIPIN Healthcare Advocate is the officially designated ombudsman program to assist dual-eligibles in Rhode Island experiencing issues accessing healthcare or coverage, including those who need assistance with NHP Integrity coverage.

This post includes the first session of internal training conducted for the program, which was comprised of two presentations.

Intro and Overview – provides a basic overview of the financial alignment demonstration for duals at the national level, and discusses the role of ombudsman programs:

(Presented by Rina Kitazawa of the federal Administration of Community Living, office for Duals Ombudsman Technical Assistance)

Enrollment & Disenrollment – describes the rules and processes for enrolling into and disenrolling from the Medicare-Medicaid Plan (NHP Integrity), including opt-in enrollment, passive enrollment, and disenrollment.

(Presented by Jennifer Bowdoin, RI Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS))


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